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Having a website on the Internet consists of two things, a web server to store your web page, and a domain name so your visitors can access it. We provide both of those things for you to get your web site online in a fast and easy manner. From our 24/7 support to the easy one-click script installers, you'll be up and running in no time. Our very affordable Virtual Hosting packages are excellent for beginners to advanced users.

What makes us different?

As in any industry--there is competition. What's different about us is that we like to be different. We go against the norm and always strive to surpass industry trends--creating our own path. If we see something all the other web hosts tend to "not do", we see why they don't do that, and offer a solution for our clients to be able to do it.

For example, many web hosts who offer storage and data transfer in our ranges will limit you in all sorts of ways. They will say things like, "Your storage cannot be used for backups", or, "Your storage needs to have files directly linked to your website." We don't like that because this is your home on the Internet. How would you like to buy a house with no closets? Our point exactly.


Please feel free to direct any questions about our current features or unique abilities to our sales department. If you have any questions about any future features or concerns, please email


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