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As your website requires more resources, your hosting package needs to adjust to it's demands. We offer everything that you will ever need to make sure that your website is just as you want it. Simply select what you need adjusted on your account below and we will take it from there.

For clients who are using hosting plans prior to August 20th, 2008, please see our legacy addons page.


Package Addons

For your growing needs...
Virtual hosting Addons
Additional Backed up Secure Storage
1-15 GB
$1.50 per GB per month
16+ GB
Contact Sales
Additional Data Transfer
25-100 GB
$0.30 per GB per month (25 GB Minimum)
101-200 GB
$0.25 per GB per month (25 GB Minimum)
201+ GB
Contact Sales
Dedicated IP
1 Private IP
$2 per month
Reseller Hosting Addons  
MediaRestore Enabled Account
$0.85 per Account per month (Min: 2)
$0.75 per Account per month
Contact Sales
Dedicated IPs
$2 per month
$1.75 per month (IPs must be justified)
VPS Addons  
Premium Managed Support
$75 per month
IP Addresses
$1 per IP per month
Additional 1GB of Disk Space
$1 per GB
Additional 512MB Of Memory
$10 per month
WHM/cPanel Control Panel
$15 per month
Upgrade to 3.0 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
$10 per month
Monthly Backups


Questions before you order?

Call us at 1.800.250.7344

How will I be invoiced?

For all of the plans that are listed "per month", we will calculate from the time you purchased the addon to the time your current package is up for renewal, and you will only be billed for the difference.

For example, lets say you have a yearly package. 4 Months from when you started you decide you want to buy 1 GB of extra disk space. Since there are 8 more months left on your package, you will only pay for 8 months worth of extra disk space up front, or $8.

*SSL Certificates can not be broken up into months and are only billed at the yearly rate.

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