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What is MediaRestore?

MediaRestore data protection is a service that we offer to all virtual hosting and reseller hositng packages as of August 2008. It features the unique ability for individual users to restore previous snapshots of files that were changed over time. With a few simple clicks, they can then restore the files or directories.

Individual database table restores are available as well but must be performed by a MediaCatch support technician at this point in time. By simply submitting a ticket, we can get this taken care of for you.

How long are backups performed and how long is it held for?

We backup all elements of the server 2 times a day and hold these backups for 30 days. Thats 60 restore points for you to revert back to in the event you see something missing or incorrect at a later time.

Which hosting packages can take advantage of this service?

All hosting packages prior to August 2008 will need to be converted to the new packages. If you are interested in this feature, please contact our billing department with the new package you would like as well as the payment term.

I have a reseller package with you, how can I resell this service?

You may order MediaRestore accounts from the Addons page

Can I see some screenshots of it in action?

Soon to come...

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