How long has MediaCatch been in business?

MediaCatch was born in late 2002, having evolved from a premier web design service bureau to a full service web hosting company. In 2004, senior management with significant datacenter infrastructure experience at companies such as Compaq, General Electric, Western Digital, Apple Computer, PeopleSoft and SANavigator were brought in to manage the company's rapid growth, and to ensure continuous improvement in MediaCatch products and services.

MediaCatch LLC has a focused mission of providing tremendous value, while still providing enterprise-class support and infrastructure to its customers. MediaCatch customers have reported a superior quality of service, with a higher degree of personal attention, than other firms are able to offer.

Trust is a significant component of purchasing web hosting services over the Internet, and MediaCatch addresses this by offering customers a money-back guarantee, uptime guarantees, and through membership in the Hosting Code of Ethics program.

Today, MediaCatch LLC hosts thousands of websites on state-of-the-art equipment, in world-class datacenters. Our promise to you is to continue our efforts to continuously improve the web hosting experience, while not sacrificing the tremendous value that MediaCatch is known for.
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