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Article Choosing a Secure Password
When picking a password, make sure to chose something that is alpha-numeric, contains at least...
Views: 3231
Article Do I need www before my site URL?
No, you can access your website's index page through both or...
Views: 6553
Article How do I change the domain on my account?
To change the domain name on your account, you will need to open a billing ticket. Be sure...
Views: 2282
Article How do I set up my website for e-commerce?
To set up a website for ecommerce, you'll need to complete the following steps:1. Establish a...
Views: 2802
Article How do I use Fantastico to install scripts?
1. To use Fantastico script auto-installer, login to your cPanel account via the login URL in...
Views: 2177
Article How to Use the tracert Command
Traceroute is a command that shows you the path a packet of information takes to get...
Views: 2783
Article I want to move my domain name to you, what is the procedure?
1. After purchasing a web hosting plan, use the FTP information to begin uploading your website...
Views: 2915
Article Index file naming conventions
By default our servers will look for (in order) a file by the name of index.html, index.cgi,...
Views: 3872
Article Intermittent Site Availability
If you notice that your site (URL) brings up a 404 error page every so often when you are trying...
Views: 2121
Article My site loads slowly, what's wrong?
There are...
Views: 3003
Article Should I keep a local copy of my website in case of trouble?
Absolutely! It is very easy to spend all night working hard on upgrading your site only to hit...
Views: 2180
Article What is my absolute path?
The full path of your account would be, /home/username/public_html/
Views: 2206


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