How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please login to the billing system at, select your package, and scroll down to the bottom where it has the "Request Cancellation" button. NOTE: this will NOT cancel your domain renewal. If you don't want your domain to renew, click on your domain under the My Domains section and select the "Do Not Renew" button.

You may be asked for additional information to prove your identity, after which your account will be canceled.

Dedicated Servers must have a ticket submitted to the billing system and we must be notified 30 days prior to your cancellation.


If you prepaid, have unused months, and are past the 45-day money back guarantee period, you will be refunded as follows:

Payment term
Amount to be refunded
Month to Month
3, 6, 12, and 24 Months
Unused days of service rounded to the end of the month
Example, client cancels on March 25th, we will calculate the refund starting from April 1st until the end of the term.

If your account is terminated in result of SPAM or another TOS violation, then no refund will be given.

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