What is an add-on domain?

Addon Domains

An addon domain is a domain name that that points to a subdirectory within your website. For example, you
may want widgets.com to point to myshop.com/widgets/.
The addon domain will look completely independent to the outside world
with no means for anyone to know that this is running on an account
under another

Addon domains must be registered domain names that you own and must
be configured to point to our name servers in order to work. If you
purchase your domain names from us, we take care of this for you.

To add an add-on domain to your web site (cPanel):

  1. Click on the Addon Domains button on the cPanel home page.
  2. Enter the new domain name in the New Addon Domain field.
  3. Add the directory that the addon domain points to in the Username/directory name field.
  4. Enter the password for the domain in the Password field, if desired.
  5. Click on the Add Domain button.

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