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How do I use Fantastico to install scripts?

1. To use Fantastico script auto-installer, login to your cPanel account via the login URL in your welcome email.
2. Click the Fantastico (happy face) icon on the bottom right of the launcher icons.

3. You will see a list of scripts that you can install on the left menu.

4. Select the script you'd like to install.

5. Fantastico will walk you through the installation.

Be sure to copy the website location for the scripts that you install, so that you can register for update information, visit their forums, get documentation, etc. as desired.

IMPORTANT: You'll want to keep your scripts up-to-date with any security patches offered, so that your account is secure from exploits. Forum (bulletin board) software is one of the most commonly exploited scripts. Many script publishers allow you to register for updates and you can even update them via Fantastico to make sure your scripts are always up to date. We highly recommend doing so!

Note that we also have a flash tutorial on using Fantastico in our support website.

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