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Article Awstats Explained, what does it all mean?
When reading your web statistics in AWStats you may see a few unfamiliar words and terms. This...
Views: 21331
Article Does my website get a control panel?
Yes. Every web hosting plan comes with a web browser based control panel. The control panel...
Views: 3864
Article How do I block an IP address?
If there is an IP address you want to block from your website, you can do so inside CPanel....
Views: 3595
Article How do I login to CPanel?
Below are a few mirror links that all lead to the same thing, CPanel:...
Views: 4135
Article How do I login to WHM?
-RESELLERS ONLY- Below are a few mirror links that all lead to the same thing, WHM (Web...
Views: 3007
Article How do I reset my cPanel password?
You can reset your cPanel password right from the billing control panel located at...
Views: 1214
Article How do I use the __ feature?
If you are having trouble using a feature, please try using the video tutorials inside of your...
Views: 2257
Article How to unzip a file on the server ?
- Login to cPanel - Click on 'File Manager'  and upload your file- Click on the zipped file you...
Views: 2299
Article Web Statistics terminology at a glance
The following is a simplified listing of the terms found in your web statistic reports: Hits =...
Views: 2590
Article Where are my raw log files?
They are located within your CPanel. Login and click "Statistics -> Download Raw Access Logs"
Views: 2208
Article WHM Error: "You do not have access to create that package (undefined)"
You first need to create a package on your WHM panel and then use that package in the "Account...
Views: 3407


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