What's the Difference between Domain Name Registration & Name Server Registration?

Domain names really just represent addresses. When you type in a domain
name, your computer contacts special directory computers called domain
name servers to find out the address for the domain you want to visit.
It knows what computers to contact for your address because you
indicate this when you register your domain name (e.g. setting
nameservers to ns1.mediacatch.com would tell it that ns1.mediacatch.com
is a computer that knows the address of your domain). Once your
computer gets the address for the domain you are interested in, then it
can contact the computer with that address to display the website, etc.

The catch with the above is that the nameservers you list with your
domain, i.e. ns1.mediacatch.com in the above example, are also just
names that represent addresses. So there has to be a directory computer
that knows the address of ns1.mediacatch.com too. So when your domain
name points to ns1.mediacatch.com for its nameserver, your computer
will contact a sequence of computers up the Internet hierarchy looking
for the address of ns1.mediacatch.com. Once it finds the address, it
will ask ns1.mediacatch.com what the address is for the domain your are
wanting to visit.

When you get custom nameservers (e.g. ns1.example.com), there aren't
any computers on the Internet that recognize what address those
nameservers represent, unless you've registered this somewhere. So you
have to register the addresses of ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com
(the extra one is just for backup) at your domain registrar. Then, and
only then, you can register the nameservers for your domain as
ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com (the registrar's software will
check to make sure it has addresses registered for each nameserver
before it allows you to use the nameservers with any domain name).

An analogy would be how you might need the address of a central post office in order to get the address of a local person that the post office serves. So in effect, you need two addresses.

You should receive an email with the IP addresses of your custom
nameservers from our support team. The nameservers then must be
registered with these associated addresses. Once this is complete, you can register the nameservers with your domain name.

If you register your domain with MediaCatch, then we can take care of the nameserver setup for you.

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