Choosing a Secure Password

When picking a password, make sure to chose something that is alpha-numeric, contains at least 8 characters. It is also beneficial to make sure to pick a password that is easy to remember, but also not in the dictionary. Remember, the password you pick will also be your FTP, billing, and log-in password, so pick a secure one. There are programs available that can crack dictionary-based passwords within a matter of seconds.

A good example of a secure password would be:

Though you might feel this password complex to remember there are methods to create tough passwords.

Lets take the song "Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are"

Now pick the first letters of each word and abbreviate one or two words. We get, "T t l s H I w w u r"

You can change the "I"s as 1 (One) and "l"s the small case L as capital L to avoid confusion and s can be written as 5 (Five). Lets change it again. Now we get "TtL5H1wwur" . This is a fairly complex password and you can remember it easily.

Make sure that you change your passwords every few months and do not reuse the old ones for at least a year.
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